Ubiquitous (2014) documents the journey through loss. Rediscovering the world and your place within it after that time.

Using photography this story is told through varying shades of light and shadow, hope and despair, life and death. 

Bereavement can create a time of readjustment, a quiet period of contemplation which can become a catalyst to start seeing everything anew. Like ripples on the water, change spills out further than you first realised.

A curiosity and comfort can be found in the mundane; everyday moments revealing beauty and sadness, the simplicity and greatness in everything. It can lead you to the realisation that what you seek cannot be found in any fixed place. It is found everywhere.

This work has grown to represent all those tiny moments, shattered fragments, the missing pieces. They are the quotidian, the banal and the profound. They are the visual footprints through the loneliest yet most universally human experience we have.

Full series available in print through the Blurb bookstore.

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