10 Years is a reflection upon the artist's own experiences of change and loss over a decade.

Throughout this time an appreciation grew for the smaller, transient moments that hold together our lives and memories. The moments that hold the peripheral information around events — residing with memory in the liminal spaces between past, present and future; as fragile, fleeting details we can never hold on to.

It is a journey through the fragmentation of memory within fragile details that can be collected as images, although they are irretrievable as an experience. The melancholic understanding that nothing lasts forever; which can hold space for the fear of time itself or transform it into peace and acceptance, creating beauty in the seemingly mundane experiences of our everyday lives.

10 Years spans a time of tumultuous shifts within the artist’s own life, exploring transitional spaces between love, change, loss, hope and peace. The work asks the viewer to reflect on their own fragmented truths and contemplate the smaller moments within their own memory. What do we really remember? Is it the bigger events, or the fleeting moments around the edges of our memories that allow us to piece back together what we believe to be true?

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